• Model:CF286
  • Made in:Zhejiang, China
  • Size:286*171.5*104 cm
  • Color: black
  • Users: professional player large recital
  • Weight:460 KG
  • Brief Introduction:From the design, processing, science and technology and other aspects, CF286 is the large-scale domestic self-developed professional concert pianos



1. From the design, processing, science and technology and other aspects, CF286 is the large-scale domestic self-developed professional concert pianos.
2. The soundboard of Hailun CF286 is imported from the wood plate of Bavaria, Austria , where the quality of the audio source is better. The width of veneer is not less than 80mm. It is a well-known piano board. Based on the experience of Hailun piano in the manufacture of sound source, it lays the foundation for the sound quality of the piano.
3. Compared to the domestic big triangle generally 90-92 degree angle design, CF286 adopt the oblique acoustic resonance structure and design bevel to 93.5 degrees to increase the width of the piano soundboard, especially in the alto and bass of the piano. This design increases the effective vibration area of the piano soundboard to 1.95 square meters, so the volume will be greater when playing. At the same time, the vibration stress of the soundboard has a clear correspondence with the string columns, improving the sound quality of the piano. Soundboard with unequal thickness design makes the vibration more in line with the frequency of sound distribution.
4. The chord code is made of three kinds of European materials that are glued together, without breaking the wood grain. The materials are beech, mahogany and maple, which have better protection in toughness and vibration transmission, and reduce the internal impedance.
5. Strings combine the advantages of Steinway, Bechstein, and Farelli, have a longer chord in the bass area. For example, the effective chord length of the first string reaches 2100 mm, making the bass sustain longer and the sound more vigorous and penetrating.
6. Based on careful calculation, the treble and treble regions of the iron plate are involved in resonance and have better resonance effect.The iron plate has a beautiful and elegant appearance.
7. The front tone in the treble and sub-treble areas adopts a non-equidistant step type chord pillow, which subdivides the resonance frequency to make the sound more expressive and the sound quality more outstanding. In the treble and sub-treble areas, the shuttle string gasket is used to match the single string group. In the alto and bass areas, the structure of the string pillow button is adopted to make the strings distribute evenly and at the same horizontal line. In this way, the string vibration response is coordinated with the string group, thus making the piano sound more mellow.
8. With hard wooden post and strong back bar, CF286 is still stable under the influence of great tension. 
9. CF286 is not only in line with the piano industry requirements, but also protects the product quality and stability by applying CNC five - axis machining bending. The drilling work on the CF286 piano iron plate, the milling of the string reinforcement and the connection between the components of the sound source are completed by the high-tech CNC control equipment. It controls the manufacturing accuracy and controls the quality of the piano. 
10. Hailun's piano rarely makes the assembly precision to meet industry standard requirements through the temperature control and humidity of the wood and workshops, Hailun has the unique positioning patented technology, and the CNC processing technology from Japan. So that it controls fundamentally the stability of the piano. And so is CF286 . 
11.The piano keyboard of CF286 is HAINSWORTH felt from the UK, which has good weatherability, so that the piano can be stable in different environments. The FFW hammer felt from Germany ensures the softness of sound quality. The ROSLAU high strings from Germany can ensure the soft tone and the good overtone of the strings while playing.
12.The shell of CF286 is solid and beautiful. The shell adopts a new paint coating, aniline black with higher density and elegance.  Wood components of Hailun CF286, such as ribs, dorsal column and so on, are made from a variety of fine wood produced in Russia. 
13. CF286 is equipped with a keycap descent control device to protect the player's hands. It is light and user friendly.