• Model:HR6
  • Made in:Zhejiang, China
  • Size:150.6*60*126cm
  • Color: crystal
  • Users:
  • Weight:0 KG
  • Brief Introduction:The colorful transparency of the crystal adds a touch of romance to the Hailun HR series The alloy and rectangular iron plate structure is stable, and the modern technology guarantees the detailed processing of the piano design, and the material selection is upgraded to a better piano sound, which is dedicated to the needs of users


Hailun HR6 Piano
Front width 1506mm, side width 600mm, height 1260mm
Metal reinforcement plate
The middle plate is reinforced with a metal frame structure (utility model patent: 200420023359.2) to ensure that the middle plate is more stable and less deformable, so that the key surface is flat and the playing is comfortable.
The hammer of the Hailun HR3 piano adopts the German FFW hammers felts, and the elasticity and hardness distribution of the whole string hammer are even. It enhances sound quality, looks beautiful and high-grade, and has good durability and weather resistance. The hammer core has a hard mahogany core with good hardness, toughness and internal stress, and is the preferred material for the hammer core. 
Action machine
The design data of the action machine is accurate and rigorous, and the process is fine.
The hard aluminum alloy is used to make important parts such as the main gear, the back gear and the adjusting beam, and the structure is firm and not easy to be deformed.
The new CNC automatic drilling technology ensures the accuracy of the dimensions of the various parts of the action.
The patented design of the aluminum alloy inlaid wood multi-layer board production shrinkage file ensures that it will not be deformed due to weather and other reasons, and the playing feel is stable.
European plug-in soft sound system
This structure is firm, easy to assemble and disassemble. It works stably and reduces noise.
Soundboard structure
The spruce soundboard is a good medium for mellow tone and sound transmission. It adopts unequal width and width of the soundboard structure, enlarges the vibration area of the soundboard, and plays the resonance effect between the sound board and the vibration wave of the string of different frequencies.
Pin block
In order to maintain a suitable torque, high pressure multilayer pin block is made of thickened veneers which is not less than 32 millimeters.
 It adopts European technology, hard maple, strong adhesive, uniform density.
Stainless steel pegs and threading for the process design set precise layout, reasonable expansion pin spacing, uniform torque, to improve the stability of intonation.
Push-button lock
Its structure is exquisite and novel, and it is easy to operate.
Descent control device
The beautiful, humanized design can protect the player’s hands.
Solid wood keyboard, ebony black keys
The keyboard is not only comfortable, beautiful and natural, but also changes the dynamic and static load of the piano by means of built-in counterweight adjustment.
Powerful European Rectangular iron plate
Rectangular frame structure iron plate (Patent No.: ZL 200720073606.3) makes the sound source string solid and stable. And the hole layout is reasonable.
Outer pressure string pillow button
The outer pressure type pillow button is used in the bass-range area, which is a new and better technological achievement in the design of the string pillow.
Hailun creatively presses the wire on the protruding string pillow and then through the string hole of the string pillow button. The string hole only guarantees the direction and position of the string, and is not responsible for the role of the string pillow. Therefore, the effective string length is more accurate, the sound is cut more thoroughly here, and the sound quality is more pure.
Screws and washers
Fastening screw and cylinder washer that use gold and silver suits on the iron plate is fine processing and elegant and pleasing.
Middle and high range inlaid string pillow
The middle and high sound range are hard brass and the high range is stainless steel.
According to the vibration frequency of different areas, the pillow string of different materials, Hailun makes the alto area voice soft, high pitched sound bright, clear and more diversified.
Special design of the double-tone string pillow under equal distance
The mid-high-pitched and bass-down strings are designed with the chord-assisted chord length of the grand piano, which balances the string and improves conductivity. According to the effective chord length and the auxiliary chord length multiplication resonance principle, the sound level is richer and more expressive, and the sound quality is closer to the grand piano.