Warranty for Traditional piano
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1 整琴保修三年。自售出之日起三年内本品若出观工艺及材料缺陷而造成的质量问題(如:弦轴松动导致无法调音,背架、音板、琴壳、弦槌、琴键
1, Do not put the guitar on the following occasions: direct sunlight, next to the high temperature machines, outdoor with extremely low or very high temperatures, high humidity (such as seaside, basement), dusty places, or places with frequent vibration. All of the above will cause different degrees of damage to the guitar.
2, Do not use general detergent or polish to wipe the guitar, otherwise it will easily lead to paint or color fading. It is recommended to wipe with a professional instrument wipe cloth.
3, The placement of the guitar should be far away from fire and power supply, in order to prevent a fire, or high positions to prevent guitars from falling. 

1. 3 years for the whole piano. In 3 years from the day of purchase, we are  responsible for the quality problems caused by process and material defects, such as loose pins disables tuning, degumming of backrest, sound board, shell, hammers and keys, and deformed keyboard. Free fixing and changing parts is offered upon presenting the valid invoice and warranty card.
2. One free tuning within a year from the day of purchase provided by the seller.
3. Warranty of accessories
·  One year warranty for attached automatic playing system or mute system
·  3 months warranty for electric parts
·  1 year warranty for descent control device
·  3 months warranty for piano bench

The following conditions are not free services. Users can pay to repair, the maintenance costs include materials and labor service fee.
1. Damages caused by improper use, maintenance and storage.
2. Damages caused by users.
3. Damages caused by environment or climate.
4. Damages caused by natural disasters and other force majeure.
5. Repairs not agreed by Hailun Co. or our authorized sellers.
6. Pianos not purchased from our authorized sellers.
7. Over the warranty period, or cannot present valid warranty card or sales certificates.

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