• Model:HG178
  • Made in:Zhejiang, China
  • Size:178*155*102
  • Color: black chromatic
  • Users: professional player philharmonic
  • Weight:350 KG
  • Brief Introduction:medium concert grand piano in Hailun future series



1.With hard wooden post and strong back bar, HG178 is still stable under the influence of great tension.   
2.HG178 is not only in line with the piano industry requirements, but also  protects the product quality and stability by applying CNC five - axis machining bending.         
3.The drilling work on iron plate of the 
HG178, the milling of the string reinforcement and the connection between the components of the sound source are completed by the high-tech CNC control equipment. It controls the manufacturing accuracy and controls the quality of the piano.   
4.Hailun's piano makes the assembly precision to meet industry standard requirements through the temperature control and humidity of the wood and workshops,  Hailun's the unique positioning patented technology and the CNC processing technology from Japan. So that it controls fundamentally the stability of the piano. And so does 
HG178 .
5.The piano keyboard of 
HG178 is HAINSWORTH felt from the UK, which has good weatherability, so that the piano can be stable in different environments.
HG178’s spruce soundboard plays an important role in the sound quality and tone. The FFW hammer felt from Germany ensures the softness of sound quality. The ROSLAU high strings from Germany can ensure the soft tone and the good overtone of the strings while playing.             
HG178's ribs and other wood parts are selected from various woods in northeast China. Solid wood string code is conducive to transmission of sound.          
HG178 adopts the oblique acoustic resonance structure to increase the width of the piano soundboard, especially in the middle and bass of the piano. It makes the effective vibration area of the piano sound board increase, so that HG178 can produce a higher volume. At the same time, the vibration stress of the sound board corresponds to the string and improves the sound quality of the piano.   
HG178 is equipped with head cover descending device, making the operation more portable and more humanized.