• Model:WT130
  • Made in:Ningbo, China
  • Size:151cmx130cmx64.5cm
  • Color: black
  • Users: beginner professional player music teacher philharmonic
  • Weight:270 KG
  • Brief Introduction:upright piano, online model


key bed equipped with an aluminum alloy frame
The key bed is made of aluminum alloy to anti deformation. The main body is made of cast aluminum alloy material so that the structure is firm and stable. And the key chassis is not easy to deform, which is the innovation of piano structure design.
The middle plate is provided with a middle plate in the bottom, so that a cavity is formed between the keyboard and the middle plate to enhance the piano resonance effect.
It is made of FFW felt imported from Germany, which makes the elastic and hardness of the whole string hammer evenly distributed, and has good durability and weather resistance.
Hammers with core mat make the treble portamento much longer. The hard core of the mallet wood is made of hard peach kernel wood, which has good hardness, toughness and internal stress.
pedal system
The wooden pedal system follows the European style.
European plug-in soft sound system
This structure is firm, easy to assemble and disassemble. It works stably and reduces noise.
Soundboard structure
The spruce soundboard is a good medium for mellow tone and sound transmission. It adopts unequal width and width of the soundboard structure, enlarges the vibration area of the soundboard, and plays the resonance effect between the sound board and the vibration wave of the string of different frequencies.
pin block
In order to maintain a suitable torque, high pressure multilayer pin block is made of thickened veneers which is not less than 32 millimeters. It adopts European technology, hard maple, strong adhesive, uniform density. Stainless steel pegs and threading for the process design set precise layout, reasonable expansion pin spacing, uniform torque, to improve the stability of intonation.
keyboard felt
The keyboard felt is made of HAINSWORTH felt from the U.K. to ensure the unified depth of the key and has good weather resistance.
push-button lock
Its structure is exquisite and novel, and it is easy to operate.
built-in descent control device
The beautiful, humanized design can protect the player’s hands.
ebony solid wood keyboard
The ebony keyboard is not only comfortable, beautiful and natural, but also changes the dynamic and static load of the piano by means of built-in counterweight adjustment.
screws and washers
Fastening screw and cylinder washer that use gold and silver suits on the iron plate is fine processing and elegant and pleasing.
powerful European rectangle iron plate
Rectangular frame structure with iron plate makes the sound source string solid and stable. And the hole layout is reasonable.
assembly of parts
The use of positioning technology in the manufacturing process, which use assembly process of code string soundboard with a back frame, the back frame with iron plate, the back frame with the shell, controls the piano assembly.
detail control of components
We use digital management in the manufacturing process of piano. The iron milling of the string, the formation of the string pillow button hole and the peg hole, positioning hole on back frame and milling soundboard frame and rib groove are made by CNC numerical control machining to make the details of the piano parts under control.
shell surface
The surface of the piano shell side arm, key cover, cover and other parts of the surface are arc type transition, beautiful and generous.
non-isometric design for saddle 
According to the effective length and auxiliary frequency resonance principle in chord, treble and bass saddle by consistent times sound assisted chord structure design, the code string force balance.
bass ladder type nut
The bass piano pillow string band generally adopts a fixed structure or pillow string button fixed pillow string band structure. The shortcomings of the traditional double bass string group is the effective length of the same group and two of the strings cannot be completely consistent, the sound is not pure. String pillow is an advance on the piano manufacturing technology progress. It contributes to the effective coordination of double chord, but it’s easy to make noises because of the process accuracy.
Bass-zone double-chord group of step-type pillow structure has a fixed chord sine chord pillow button structure strength. It ensures that the effective chord length and chord length of the double-string strings are harmonized, and the noise is reduced.
This is an innovation in sound source design.
treble mosaic nut
Alto and treble string reinforcement use different materials.
According to the vibration frequency of different areas, the pillow string of different materials, Hailun makes the alto area voice soft, high pitched sound bright, clear and more diversified.
Hailun selected Oriental action, which uses the configuration from Europe, and the sound back files imported multilayer board materials, and the processing technology, to control the stability of piano machine.
audio network、sound hole
The top door and the lower door are equipped with audio network. The back of the piano is equipped with a sound hole. So that the piano's music can be more effectively spread to the audience, while increasing the ornamental piano details.