• Model:HL120M
  • Made in:Zhejiang, China
  • Size:
  • Color: Hickory
  • Users:
  • Weight:0 KG
  • Brief Introduction:Hailun Angel White Elegant model, the fingertip pearl of the girl playing the piano


Parts and process introduction:
The high-strength color wood of the upper and lower beams and the slanting frame of the back of the piano ensures the long-lasting durability of the piano back frame, and also ensures that the piano is stable for a long time under the great tension of the strings.
Hailun HL120M is not only in line with the piano industry requirements, but also protects the product quality and stability by applying CNC five - axis machining bending. It ensures the seamless joint between the parts and provides a reliable guarantee for the excellent quality and stability of the piano.
The drilling work on the HL120M piano iron plate, the milling of the string reinforcement and the connection between the components of the sound source are completed by the high-tech CNC control equipment. It controls the manufacturing accuracy and controls the quality of the piano.
Hailun's piano makes the assembly precision to meet industry standard requirements through the temperature control and humidity of the wood and workshops, Hailun's the unique positioning patented technology and the CNC processing technology from Japan. So that it controls fundamentally the stability of the piano. And so does the HL120M piano.
The hammers are made of ANBIC hammer felts imported from Japan to ensure the softness of the sound. The ROSLAU TQ strings from Germany can ensure the soft tone and the good overtone of the strings while playing.
The soundboard of Hailun HL120M is spruce wood. This soundboard plays an important role in sound quality and tone.
The ribs and other wood parts of HL120M are selected from various woods in northeast China. Solid wood string code is conducive to transmission of sound.
The maple hammer handle and alder hammer wood core of HL120M can ensure the soft tone and the good overtone of the strings while playing.
The tuning peg of Hailun HL120M piano uses chamfer threading technology so that the tone is smoothly without noise. The string axis of Hailun HL120M piano is made of 18 layers of maple. And it is stable and firm.
Automatic friction of the string machine weakens the string stress, and ensures a longer and more stable tone.
The key bed with an aluminum alloy frame ensures the disc is not easy deformation. So the keyboard surface is smooth, and you will feel comfortable while playing.
The key cover descender is standard to protect the player's hands.
The appearance is a matt classical piano. The wooden-textured body complements the openwork fancy music stand for a comfortable look. Whether it is a family or a classroom, this piano has the effect of decoration on the room.
The button-type locker is used at the door to make it more convenient and more user-friendly.