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  • Made in:Zhejiang, China
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  • Brief Introduction:The Hailun H-series electric jazz drums are high-quality and professional electric jazz drum products created by Hailun Drum Fashion Education Technology Co , Ltd , a subsidiary of Hailun Piano


The Hailun H-series electric jazz drums are high-quality and professional electric jazz drum products created by Hailun Drum Fashion Education Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hailun Piano. China Hailun Piano Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of HAILUN pianos and one of the listed companies in the musical instrument industry. The company's production and sales of piano products ranks among the top in the world. With its own strength, the company has become a high-tech enterprise in the Torch Plan, a vice chairman unit of the China Musical Instrument Association, a cultural industry demonstration base, and a cultural export enterprise. Hailun electric jazz drum products have finally come out after years of exploration and research and development.
The Hailun H series combines the wooden material of the drums with the electronic drum pads. This is not the first time in history, but it is even more amazing. The Hailun electric jazz drums not only use the wooden drum buckets, but also use the painting process to ensure excellent texture, making the Hailun electric jazz drums stand out from other products in design and become a better choice. Even if you just put it at home, it will be a group of delightful artworks.
Bright pink;
Flame color;
sea blue;
Walnut color;
Coffee brown;
H19: 10' one drum 12' two drum 14' three drum 14' Bottom drum 14' Snare drum;
H19C: 10' one drum 12' two drum 14' three drum 14' Bottom drum 14' Snare drum;
H19T: 12' one drum 12' two drum 14' three drum 14' Bottom drum 14' Snare drum;
Quietness is something we seriously consider when we first define the product. We use a silicone mat that is made of exclusive custom materials, which is not only quiet enough, but also guarantees the feel. No need to worry about disturbing people at home or in the classroom.
It is closer to the real jazz drum's hitting space, in exchange for a better hitting habit. This is difficult to achieve in traditional electric jazz drum products. The Hailun electric jazz drum is designed to be more similar to the size and position of the original drum, thus ensuring that it is not easy to develop bad habits caused by the abnormal position of the ordinary electric jazz drum during the learning and practice. It also brings more comfort to the performance. A custom pad that fits the real drumhead will provide a tapping feedback that approximates the sound of the original drum. Let you put it down from the first time you hit it.

Support to seize the cymbals and stop the sound;
All drumheads Rimshot;
Real cymbals shelf, supporting five opening and closing levels
The powerful sound source design is the basis of an excellent electric jazz drum product. The H series electric jazz drum has 20 well-tuned sounds and professional tone adjustment. Full control from the bottom layer to the sound can be achieved. Whether it's practicing at home, playing in the field or in the classroom, the strength of this set of sound sources can make you feel comfortable. Let you change the stereotype of "domestic instruments" while enjoying the performance.
Training mode
recording function;
Intimate assistance;
Professional metronome;
Chinese electronic interfaces rarely appear on the screen, which causes great trouble for many users. The Hailun electric jazz drum realizes the interface design of Chinese culture, which makes it easier for you to quickly enter the learning state. “Plastic sheet on the panel” is an imperfect solution and a true portrayal of the domestic electronic musical instrument industry that once fell behind. We don't want users to use the product only in the manual, so we have realized the Chinese culture in some common interfaces and setting options. We believe that this will enable many users, even old users of electric jazz drums, to re-recognize this kind of musical instrument.
Setting options
Training mode
Independent research and development makes the Hailun electric jazz drums unique. From the macro sound structure to each turnbuckle, it has been independently designed and has applied for a number of patents. These are the continuous innovation breakthroughs of the Hailun electric jazz drum technical team. We are proud and happy about this and continue to work hard to make more innovative products for electric jazz drums. On this road, enthusiasm, seriousness, and recklessness ensure that this product is launched as scheduled. It expresses our pursuit and even exceeds our imagination after the completion of the training. We will continue to advance towards the future of electric jazz drums with this initial enthusiasm.
Behind this excellent product is a strong team of experienced and elite. We continue to recruit talents and welcome those who are willing to promote industry forwards to submit resumes. Please pay attention to the follow-up news for specific information. We are also listening to feedback and feedback from consumers, and we will expect and present better products.
Hailun's spirit drives us to move toward higher quality and use the wisdom from China to give more acceleration to the electric jazz drum industry.